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Red Dirt Waterfowl Team


Brad Uhles 

CEO and Head Guide



        Bradley Uhles from Maysville, Oklahoma, commonly known as Brad Uhles, has grown up around hunting nearly his whole life. As soon as he was able to walk and talk, Brad's father would take him hunting. The boy fell in love with it. Brad has now been hunting for nearly 20 years. He has specialized in waterfowl hunting for the last 14 years. With his burning passion and determination to share this love of hunting, he founded Red Dirt Waterfowl guide service where he has been able to capture the excitement of the outdoors and help bring it to others.


Sr Waterfowl Extractor

         Jack is a full blood, registered, Black Labrador Retriever coming from an impeccable blood line. His drive is something to be seen no doubt. It is unlike anything in this world to see him bravely take down a bird with no sign of fear in his stride. He is always ready to work and loves retrieving birds whether it be field or water. Jack is three years old and has tucked his third waterfowl season under his belt accumulating 4,000 waterfowl retrieves with excellence. He is a special part of the team and we can't wait to see how he will improve as time marches on.


Julie Uhles


Meet Julie Uhles, a seasoned guide with a passion for the outdoors. With 17 years of hunting experience and guiding since 2013, she’s a true expert in the field. When she’s not leading hunting expeditions, you’ll find Julie serving her community as part of the Paoli Police Department, where she brings dedication and integrity to everything she does. Fun fact: she’s also Brad’s sister, so outdoor adventures run in the family. Whether she’s tracking game or ensuring safety on the street, Julie’s skills and commitment shine through in everything she does.


Brian Simmons


Meet Brian Simmons, a top notch guide with a diverse background. With three years of guiding experience and a military background from his service in the Army, Brian brings precision and leadership to every hunt. When he's not in the field, he serves as the Assistant Chief at the Paoli Police Department and Chief of the Fire Department, ensuring safety and community service. Brian's passion extends to his downtime, where he loves nothing more than spending quality time with his family and friends. Plus, he's a wizard on the griddle, adding a delicious touch to every hunting experience


Montana Gould


Montana Gould, another one of our go-to duck hunting guides here at Red Dirt Waterfowl. With over a decade of hunting experience under his belt, he’s the real deal. From Stratford, Oklahoma, Montana knows these fields like the back of his hand. Safety, conservation, and making sure every hunt is a blast—that’s his game. Not sure if it will be harder to keep your gun loaded from all the shooting or all the laughing with this joker. Oh, and you should see him with his family? Married with a little one-year-old who’s already itching to join ‘DaDa’ in the field. And let me tell you, his high motor bird dog, Willow, adds a whole new level of excitement to the hunt.



Waterfowl Extractor

  Have you had the pleasure of meeting Willow yet? She’s Montana Gould’s energetic 2 1/2-year-old bird dog, and she’s a force to be reckoned with out in the fields. Willow brings a ton of energy to every hunting trip with Red Dirt Waterfowl, and she’s always ready to spring into action. Whether she’s retrieving downed birds or eagerly awaiting the next command, Willow’s enthusiasm is contagious. Montana and Willow make quite the team, adding an extra layer of excitement and skill to every hunt they lead.

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