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Youth Duck Hunt Event 2016-2017

Red Dirt Waterfowl decided to give back to the community by taking out a few deserving kids on a duck hunt for the youth weekend this year. We selected four kids 11 and 12 years old and decided to prepare them with everything they need for their duck hunt on youth weekend. We decided over a span of a month we would take the kids out to shoot clay pigeons, take them to Cabela's in Dallas- Ft Worth, Texas and outfit them with duck hunting clothing, and then officially take them out hunting on youth weekend.

On October 9th, we had a blast!... Literally. They had so much fun shooting clays. Brad and Julie and their dad, David, showed the kids appropriate gun safety and etiquette and what to expect when shooting. The kids loved it!

On October 22nd we took a drive to Cabela's in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas where kids, parents, and the RDW team spent nearly 4 hours in the store just looking, learning, and enjoying every minute of the fun. We outfitted the kids with hoodies hats and shoes for the hunt that was close approaching.

Finally the day came where the kids got to hunt. It was epic! One of the girls got her first duck. It was a Mallard Drake. A beautiful bird! She of course begged her mom to take it to our taxidermist right away after the hunt. The other kids were just as excited when they shot their Coots! Each kid got a bird that day. It really was satifying to see the happiness on their faces. It is definitley a tradition RDW will hold for years to come.

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