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About Red Dirt Waterfowl

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      Red Dirt Waterfowl, LLC. is a family owned and operated guide service based out of the small town of Maysville, Oklahoma offering high quality hunts at an affordable price. Red Dirt Waterfowl's essential mission is to not only give quality hunts at an affordable price, but most importantly to set up an environment for quality hunts that will ensure pleased clients, all while maintaining appropriate ethics and morals that support the waterfowl industry helping the industry grow successfully into the future.


       Red Dirt Waterfowl provides hunting services for ducks, geese, and turkeys on private land. RDW also provides fishing services for striper, walleye, and bass alongside with bowfishing services on private ponds and lakes. 


Duck hunts are guided out of layout blinds or brushed in blinds among farm ponds in the morning or evening. 


Goose hunts are guided out of layout blinds located on privately owned farmland in the morning or evening.


Turkey hunts are guided or self guided on private land all day. 

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Fishing trips for striper, walleye, and bass usually last for a duration of 6 hours. Trips are guided out of a 20 foot Pro Craft bass boat. Poles, tackle, and bait are provided for the trip. 


Bowfishing trips for gar and carp are guided either during the day time or night time, usually for a 6 hour duration. Trips are guided out of a 20 foot Lowe jon boat. All bows and eqipment are provided for the trip. 


Red Dirt Waterfowl consists of experienced male and female guides who are passionate about hunting and the outdoors and strive to provide quality service. Red Dirt Waterfowl is the only guide service in the United States to have experienced male and female owners and guides who are also Native American. Red Dirt Waterfowl is proudly affiliated with the federally recognized Chickasaw Tribe. These attributes make Red Dirt Waterfowl without a doubt one of the most family friendly and diverse guide services around. 

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