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Cabela's History in the Books

We frequent Cabela's often and enjoy every minute of it. Just last week my husband and I were able to achieve a dream of his since he was a kid- Being able to purchase a brand spankin' new bass boat! We have been very blessed and thankful that we were able to purchase a Z21 Nitro bass boat. And LORD is she pretty! We had accumulated points on our Rewards System and were able to purchase all new fishing gear for the boat. In the process we set the record for the longest receipt at Cabela's in OKC thus far. My husband is 6'9" and as you can see the receipt is taller than he is haha! This receipt is a symbol of the hard work and support put into the guide service over the years. We are extremely blessed and thankful to all of our supporters who are able to make the dream of spreading the love of the outdoors possible!

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